Choi Phillip Goes on a Twitter Rant Defending Se7en and Sangchu, Later Retracts Comments

It was reported earlier that celebrities Se7en and Sangchu were seen visiting adult massage parlors. What had upset many netizens is the fact that they’re currently supposed to be on military duty and that Se7en is in a public relationship with celebrity Park Han Byul.

After the news broke out, actor Choi Phillip gave a piece of his mind.

On June 25, he wrote on his Twitter, “What’s the deal with ‘Scene 21’? Is it a xx group? So what are they planning to accomplish by digging up [celebrity’s] personal lives? Crazy bast**ds. Are you guys so clean yourselves?”

The media picked up on his rant and it quickly spread through different portal sites like wildfire. He quickly jumped over 800 spots on one of Korea’s biggest search engines to be the most searched celebrity. With such attention, he immediately deleted his comment and added another comment. “I made a rash statement without watching the segment. I’m sorry to worry you.”

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