Kim Yuna Teaches Ryan Seacrest how to Ice Skate!

Wow! What has American Idol’s MC Ryan Seacrest been up to? It looks like he has been getting some ice skating lessons from the queen Kim Yuna. Ryan Seacrest wrote on his instagram recently, “I learned how to skate from Kim Yuna in Seoul.”

In the pictures that were shown, Ryan Seacrest is showing being friendly with Kim Yuna.

Ryan Seacrest came to Korea on June 22 for a special NBC 2014 SOCHI Winter Olympic Program. He interviewed Kim Yuna during her ice show. Ryan Seacrest used this opportunity to introduce Kim Yuna to fans worldwide.

The name of Kim Yuna’s ice show was, “Samsung Galaxy Smart Air Conditioner All Date Skate 2013.” This ice show went on for three days from June 21 to June 23.


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