World Champion Skater Kurt Browning Bows for Kim Yuna

On June 23, Youtube showed a short clip of figure skater Kim Yuna leaving the Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium after the ice show for “Samsung Galaxy Aircon All That Skate 2013.”

The video shows Kim Yuna, after receiving a bouquet of flowers, greeting fans as she walks outside. In the distance, world champion figure skater Kurt Browning practices his form and then begins walking. Upon seeing Kim Yuna, he quickly runs over to her. He flails his arms in the air in excitement before dropping to his knees in front of her. He actually bows to her, like the way Koreans traditionally do for their elders. At the end, he pretends to be “shot down” by her beauty.

On his blog, Kurt wrote about meeting and watching Kim Yuna, “Yuna… Queen Yuna made it all happen. She is cool as a cucumber and just seems to let everything slip on by her like the bow of a canoe cuts through flat water, but I am sure she must feel tremendous pressure even though it does not seem to show.”

Kurt Browning is not only a four time national Canadian champion, but also a four time world champion. He is also the first man to successfully land a quadruple jump in competition. The fact that he bowed down to Kim Yuna shows her reputation even among other skating celebrities.

Kurt Browning Bows to Kim Yuna