miss A’s Suzy Reveals Her Handsome Dad!

miss A’s Suzy reveals where she received part of her good genes.

Recently, an online community forum posted a photo under the subject header “Suzy’s dad proves that she’s pretty since birth.”

In the picture, Suzy poses cutely with a peace sign next to her dad. Upon closer look, the father seems to making a similar facial expression by slightly pursing his lips.

Majority of the netizens who saw the picture left positive comments. Some of those include, “Dang, dad’s good-looking,” “People should be thankful of their parents in general, but Suzy really has to be thankful to her parents [for her good looks],” and “Father-in-law!”

Meanwhile, Suzy recently wrapped up her latest drama “Gu Family Book” on June 25 and has received a lot of love for her role of Dam Yeo Wool.

 suzy dad inside