Lee Seung Gi Speaks Up About Military Enlistment Plans

Lee Seung Gi recently spoke up about his plans for military enlistment once again.

After completing his recent drama, “Gu Family Book,” Lee Seung Gi was asked about his enlistment plans during an interview, to which he answered, “I am definitely going.”

He said, “The reason why I keep holding back on talking about this matter is because, even though I keep thinking that I should go soon, there are many problems such as advertisement contracts and others.”

Lee Seung Gi continued, “So when all of those things get organized, I will pinpoint an exact date and that’s when I want to tell everyone. It’s a bit difficult to tell you the exact time right now,” and “I will definitely go as a full-time active service soldier.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi’s “Gu Family Book” ended its successful run on June 25.