Kim Gura: “Akdong Musician Chose YG Because They Lack the Visuals For SM”

TV personality Kim Gu Ra, who is known for his blunt comments, has dropped another possible controversial comment.

On June 27, JTBC’s “Ssulzun” aired an episode where the panelists discussed why “K-Pop Star” winner Akdong Musician chose to sign a contract with YG Entertainment.

Regarding the duo’s agency choice, Kim Gu Ra mentioned, “To be honest, Akdong Musician doesn’t really match with SM Entertainment. Their visuals are quite different from the other trainees there.”

Announcer Park Ji Yoon, also part of the panel, added, “As for JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young would give the artists songs. But, the group doesn’t need his songs as they have been performing with their self-composed songs.”

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