Ivy Donates All of Her Money Earned From Royalties

It’s been recently revealed through her second mini album promotions that Ivy has been donating all of her earnings from royalties thus far.

Quite a few fans have already known that she goes by the name of The Lighthouse when she’s credited as a lyricist. It was revealed previously that she wrote the lyrics for SHINee’s “Last Gift” from its first studio album in 2008 as well as Girls’ Generation’s “Dear. Mom” from its first mini album in 2009, proving her talent. As both idol groups are popular with large, dedicated fan bases, it’s not a question that she should receive a substantial amount of income.

She previously mentioned, “Just like how the name ‘The Lighthouse’ implies, I wanted to be a lighthouse that gives light to the world so I started this with good intentions. All the royalties received from the songs penned by The Lighthouse are being donated to good causes.”

Meanwhile, Ivy is currently active promoting her latest track “I Dance.”