ZE:A’s Im Siwan Is Dressed as a Prisoner in a Thank You Message to Fans

ZE:A‘s Im Siwan, who is currently busy in his first film project “Lawyers” appeared in his costume as a prisoner to thank fans for their support. In a post on the popular social networking site Twitter, the idol-actor is wearing blue overalls with shaggy hair as his character in the film. The photo was taken on the set in between filming.

“The hot weather cannot stop Im Siwan in shooting today,” the post read. “He will be revealed in this character for ‘Lawyers’ when it comes out in the year. Please look forward to it.” Im Siwan shows the gifts fans have sent to him and is carrying the banner bearing the logo for the film.

Im Siwan stars with veteran actor Song Kang Ho in “Lawyers,” a movie about a human rights lawyer in the 1980s.

Im Siwan prisoner costume