Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Leaves a Special Birthday Message

Quite a number of people are celebrating their birthday today along with Girls’ Generation’s maknae.

On June 28, Seohyun went over to the group’s official homepage and left a special message to all Sones.

“Everyone. Thank you so much. For wishing Seohyun, Seo Joo Hyun, a happy birthday on June 28.. for filling up a special place in my life with unforgettable love… for sharing this time that can’t be returned, the time that can’t go back and the time that can’t be forgotten with me. Thank you.”

She followed with, “I think about this sometimes. Do I have the right to receive this amount of love? What would I do if I bring you guys disappointment? I constantly feel thankful and oppressed, but whenever I think that way, I think about the one fact that I’m receiving love and I realize that it’s worth it.”

She ended with, “I can’t please everyone, but if there are people who were able to give a small smile through my existence then I’m happy. I’ll work harder! Love you.”

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