Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Seen Out Shopping

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun is “head over heels” over shopping, quite literally.

According to Ilgan Sports, on June 25, Seohyun was seen at the Seoul Gangnam Keum Kwang shoe store in a cute outfit.

She wore a cool, yellow toned sleeveless blouse perfect for the summer. She paired the shirt with a pair of lace, white colored shorts. To complete the look, she wore a pair of reddish pink heels. Seohyun’s slim figure and fashion style made her stand out immediately among the crowds.

She looked at multiple pairs of shoes, such as wedges and strapped sandals. She tried them on, one by one, and looked in the mirror after putting each pair on. Seohyun looked very carefree as she shopped and took some time for herself.

An employee at the shop said, “Seohyun’s sense of fashion is quite impressive. Every pair of shoes that she picked was a hit this season with our other customers. The favorite that she picked out, a pair of high black wedges, is so sophisticated, trendy, and yet also comfortable. She will certainly turn heads.”