miss A’s Suzy: “Girl Group’s Sexy Concept? That’s One of Our Charms”

miss A’s Suzy opens up about girl groups taking on the sexy concept.

On June 25, she attended an interview in front of reporters when one asked, “How do you view the recent controversy regarding the sexy concept of girl groups, which are becoming highly suggestive?”

She answered, “I think that girls groups and only women can try the sexy concept. However, it’s not good to focus too much on that side. The sexy concept shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing if it fits with the song, costume and performance.”

Suzy also shared her thoughts about her individual activities and her vision for the group. “In the past, I thought that I have to show a lot of my different sides. But now, I want to find one color and just pursue that. I think that obsessing with too much variety caused me to not really be considered one thing or another.”