JYJ Junsu’s Mother Thought of Some Fans as Future Daughter-in-Laws

Recently, the story of JYJ‘s Junsu gifting his mother with a house has been featured in the July edition of “Housewife Living” magazine.

Kim Junsu’s mother sat down for an interview for the magazine and shared that as an grade-schooler, Junsu promised his mother that he would buy her a picturesque house when he grows up.

Junsu’s mother, Yoon Young Mi, also revealed that she thinks of Junsu’s fans like family. She even has over 60,000 followers on Twitter.

Junsu’s mother commented, “When I see fans approaching me and calling me ‘mother,’ they are so lovable. There are so many fans that seem like my daughters and fans that I want to have as my daughter-in-law. There are fans who say that their depression got better because of Junsu and fans who say that Junsu is like their life’s energy. Every time I hear those stories, I get so happy and thankful. I hope all the fans will be happy as well and be healthy.”