Park Jung Ah Sports Pixie Cut for Sure Magazine

Actress Park Jung Ah revealed what she thinks of her celebrity image verses her real-life personality on June 24, when Sure Magazine released a series of her pictorals

Park Jung Ah reacted to people’s perceptions of her being “cool” and “nonchalant,” saying that that she “thinks it’s about time to move away from the ‘cool’ look. It might make me seem very self-confident, but still, I want to get away from it.” She also said that “it’s been three years since I’ve started acting, and I want to be able to appeal to a lot of different looks and emotions, which is why I want to make the change.”

park jung ah 2013 2

She revealed her feelings about her real-life personality as well. “In the past, I was seen as the leader of Jewelry and the unni of the group, so my personality wasn’t really apparent. When I became just Park Jung Ah, though, I got to show my cutesy side and let it grow into another part of me.”

You can see more of Park Jung Ah’s confessions in the July edition of Sure Magazine.

park jung ah 2008

This is Park Jung Ah with Sure Magazine back in 2008 – what do you think? Has she grown out of the “cool” look, into something more?

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