New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 June Week 5

Dynamic Duo Vol. 7 – Lucky Numbers (July 1)


01 Two Giants of Advancement
02 Sexy and Cool (feat. Zion.T)
03 Skit #1
04 Pour So That the Foam Won’t Overflow (feat. Crush, DJ Friz)
05 Baaam (feat. Muzie of UV)
06 Airplane Mode (feat. Lee Ju Han, Hyewon of Winterplay, Simo)
07 Grand Slam
08 Shoot Goal
09 Wing Bone (feat. Hyorin of Sistar)
10 Morning Love
11 Tragedy
12 It’s a Crime, a Crime
13 Let’s Sometimes See Each Other For a Long Time

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Dynamic Duo returns after a year and a half with their full-length seventh album, “Lucky Numbers.” The album holds songs of various styles, including club music, soul, and Detroit sounds. Various artists such as Zion.T, Crush, UV, and Sistar’s Hyorin took part in the album, making it all the more anticipated by many.

John Park Vol. 1 – Inner Child (July 3)


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John Park makes a comeback after sixteen months since his mini-album, “Knock” release, with his first album, “Inner Child.” There are a total of eleven tracks in this album, five of which the singer songwriter composed and penned himself. Top musicians such as Lee Juck, Dynamic Duo’s Choiza, and Lee Seung Yul took part in the album, allowing John Park to experiment with various genres.

Ulala Session mini-album – Memory (released)


01 Dear…(Intro)
02 Fertilizer
04 I’ll Be There
05 TAQ…Remember
06 Fertilizer INST
07 I’ll Be There INST

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Ulala Session comes before fans with ballad music through their new mini-album, “Memory.” The album holds songs about sadness, loneliness, memories, and hope that the band has encountered over the past fifteen years. The title track is “I’ll Be There,” a song with a message that everyone can be a light to somebody else.

Tony An mini-album Vol. 5 – I’m Tony An (July 3)

062913_Tony An_Newalbumsandsinglespreview

01 Up to Here
02 Day Like Today
03 With You
04 Beautiful Girl
05 Up to Here INST

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Tony An makes a comeback after two years and two months with his fifth mini-album, “I’m Tony An.” The title track is “Up to Here,” a ballad number with strong beats and trendy electronic sounds.

4minute (single) – Is It Poppin? (released)


01 Do You Like Water?

4minute, who has done well with their latest single, “What is Your Name,” has returned with a brand new single titled, “Do You Like Water?” It is a hip-hop dance number with an upbeat melody line which is expected to capture listeners’ ears. The song was composed and penned by the Brave Brothers.

B.A.P (single) – Coffee Shop (released)


01 Coffee Shop

B.A.P releases the first of three title tracks, “Coffee Shop,” which will be part of their upcoming third mini-album. Through these tracks, the boy band hopes to show different sides of them. Co-composed and co-penned by Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum, “Coffee Shop” is a hip-hop, R&B number with jazz elements.

Verbal Jint (single) – Walking in the Rain (released)


01 Walking in the Rain (feat. Bumkey)
02 Walking in the Rain INST

Verbal Jint releases a new single, “Walking in the Rain” in midst of a new album. Featuring Bubkey’s vocals, this upbeat number is about a person who is betrayed by a lover.

Skull/Haha (single) – Raggaerilla (released)


01 REGGAErilla
02 Ragga Muffin
04 Ragga Muffin INST

Skull and Haha have come together once more with new reggae music for this summer. The title track is “Ragga Muffin,” a remake of Stonyskunk’s song of the same title released back in 2006. The duo is expected to come before fans in July and August through a fan meeting and a concert tour in Korea.

Outsider (single) – Sadly Mourning Bird (released)


01 Sadly Mourning Bird (feat. Lee Soo Young)
02 Lovers’ Street 2 (feat. Jo Hyuna (Urban Zakapa), Curious)

Outsider returns after three years with a new single, “Sadly Mourning Bird” in midst of his fourth studio album. The song is about a wife who waits for her husband who has gone afar for so long that she dies and becomes a fossil. Lee Soo Young lends her voice in this song about yearning.

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