Lee Hee Kyung Loses Crazy Amount of Weight

Comedian Lee Hee Kyung lost a shocking 32 kg over a twenty-week span.

이희경 transformation

The June 28 broadcast of the KBS series “Yeo Yoo Man Man” presented three female comedians (Kim Min Young, Oh Na Mi and Lee Hee Kyung) with their mothers on a travel episode. During the episode Lee Hee Kyung showed viewers her room and briefly explained why she had so many of her own swimsuit pictures lined up on her mantle table.

lee hee kyung gag concert

Lee Hee Kyung said that although she successfully lost weight for the “Health Girl” segment of KBS‘s Gag Concert, she was afraid of becoming a yo-yo dieter and immediately regaining the weight she had painstakingly lost. So she intentionally keeps the swim suit pictures on display to look at them and remember her goals, she explained.

lee hee kyung swimsuit

As she presented the picture Lee Hee Kyung admitted that “that was the first time I had ever worn a swim suit.” Viewers saw Lee Hee Kyung take a sexy, confident pose in her revealing swim suit. She admitted that “it would have been difficult to show myself like this in Korea, so I took the chance when we left for another country.”이희경 full body

Here is Lee Hee Kyung in a beautiful black one-piece, showing off her new, slim body line. She certainly looks happier! 

이희경 face

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