Jung Woo Sung Joins List of Actors to Send Suzy a Love Call

Actor Jung Woo Sung recently joined the list of male actors who sent “Nation’s First Love” Suzy a love call to work together. Previously, actor Lee Jong Hyuk sent the young actress/idol a love call as well. 

On MBC’s “Section TV: Entertainment News,” Jung Woo Sung shared that he would be interested in filming a melodrama with junior actress Suzy. 

When asked, “Would you be able to successfully create a melodrama feel with Suzy?” he replied, “Well, I’d be afraid to say that I’d like to film a melodrama with Suzy. I feel that I might receive a lot of negative feedback for that from the fans.”

After some nudging from the reporter’s part, Jung Woo Sung shyly sent Suzy a video message asking, “Would you like to film a melodrama together?” and laughed. 

In related news, Jung Woo Sung acted along with Han Hyo Joo, 2PM’s Junho, and Ahn Sung Ki in the movie thriller “Cold Eyes.” It premieres July 3.