Clara Wins “Vital Woman” Award from “Men’s Health Korea”

Model Clara recently received attention for winning the “Vital Woman” award from the “Men’s Health Cool Guy Beauty Contest.” 

On June 27, “Men’s Health Korea” announced with photos that Clara had won the “Vital Woman” award on their Facebook page. They also complimented the model for her toned figure and released four photos of the model receiving her award that memorable night.

In the photos, Clara wore a form-fitting, sparkly dress that accentuated her lovely figure. She received many compliments from fans for her overall fitness and great figure. 

Netizens who saw the photos congratulated her saying, “She really does have an amazing figure!”, “Wow, she must have worked out a lot before going out to the beauty contest”, “I’m curious about who her competitors were” and “Her figure is a work of art.”