A-Prince Releases Dance Version Music Video for “Mambo”

Are you ready to do the mambo with the boys of A-Prince? The handsome idol group released the dance version music video of “Mambo” through their official YouTube channel.

For the dance choreography video, the members of A-Prince dance to “Mambo” in a familiar looking antique room. The boys look preppy and sweet in their black pants and suspenders. “Mambo” is a hybrid of the mambo and a bouncy electronic love song. This is the perfect video for anyone looking to learn the mambo, A-Prince style. 

You can watch the full music video of “Mambo” here and a collection of each member doing their own, slightly embarrassed, mambo dance teasers. Also, don’t forget to check out the A-Prince autographed CD “Mambo” special package exclusively here at the Soompi Shop.