Se7en and Sangchu Revisit Massage Parlor for On-the-Spot Investigation

It has been reported that the massage parlor that Se7en and Sangchu visited in the recent past is being investigated by the Ministry of National Defense.

According to sources, on July 2, Sangchu and Se7en showed up at the aforementioned massage parlor on July 1 at around 5PM for an on-the-spot inspection.

The source spoke with Star News on July 2 and said, “Sangchu and Se7en came back to the particular massage parlor with other military persons concerned, wearing regular clothing like the time they were first spotted. They reenacted what happened on that night.”

Sources from the Ministry of National Defense stated, “We are planning to investigate until July 5. Since the investigation is still ongoing, we cannot reveal the contents yet.”

Y-Star‘s “Live Star News” actually got footage of Se7en at the scene on film. The on-spot investigation was reported to last around an hour.

Reporters tried to ask the military persons concerned as well as Se7en a few questions but neither party gave any comments.

Meanwhile, Se7en and Sangchu were spotted at a massage parlor by the SBS “Scene 21” TV crew on June 25 at around 4AM after finishing a concert.

The “Scene 21” crew also got footage of the celebrity soldiers not wearing their uniforms, drinking alcohol and not returning to their lodging place.

Military sources claim that Se7en and Sangchu went to the massage parlor for medical treatment.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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