[Gallery] I Heart It: K-Pop Instagrams

A round-up of all the best K-pop Instagram photos.

This week’s edition features photos from: Jia, Min, Hyelim, Jo Kwon, Seulong, Jun.K, CL, Minzy, G-Dragon, Seungri, Goo Hara, Kang Ji Young, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, and more.

K-pop idols as they want you to see them.

Click through the gallery and enjoy! 

Jia - 7.2.2013

Jia can make a T-shirt hot. 

Jia - 7.5.2013

Jia and Baek Ah Yeon pose for the camera. 

Min - 7.3.2013

Even Min loves Min. 

Min - 7.6.2013

Never mind Min, look at her drink!!

Hyelim - 7.3.2013

Hyelim looks like Tweety Bird. 

Jokwon - 6.30.2013

Jo Kwon is such a tease. 

Jokwon - 7.1.2013

Jo Kwon cools off with a refreshing drink.

Seulong - 7.1.2013

Seulong is looking…really creepy.

Jun. K - 6.30.2013

Jun.K‘s makeup = fail.

Jun. K - 7.4.2013

Nice recovery. 

Hara - 7.1.2013

Goo Hara is determined not to be overshadowed. 

Ji Young - 7.1.2013

Kang Ji Young is such a cutie. 

CL - 6.30.2013

CL rocks it–hard. 

CL - 7.3.2013

CL gives a shout-out to P-Diddy.

Minzy - 6.30.2013

Minzy tries it–hard. 

Minzy - 7.2.2013

Minzy’s lovely lady lumps!

GD - 7.3.2013

G-Dragon‘s hair = No.

GD - 7.5.2013

G-Dragon gives to the fans.

Seungri - 6.30.2013

Seungri tries his best to look like a good boy.

Seungri - 7.1.2013

Seungri channels G.O.

Jay Park - 7.4.2013

Jay Park and (the man whose single “Nothin’ on You” brought him back) B.o.B!!! 

Jay Park - 7.1.2013

Jay Park shows off his G-Shock.

Hyoyeon - 7.2.2013

Hyoyeon poses.

Hyoyeon - 7.5.2013

Hyoyeon learns to golf. 

Taeyeon - 7.5.2013

What is Taeyeon‘s price? 

Taeyeon - 7.1.2013

Taeyeon charms with her art. 

Yuri - 7.4.2013

Yuri shows pieces of herself. 

Yuri and Yoona - 7.4.2013

Yuri and YoonA. 

Yoseob - 7.1.2013

Yoseob in pop-art effect. 

Yoseob - 7.3.2013

Yoseob and his lip balm.