Daesung Releases MV for Upcoming Japanese Single “I Love You”

Daesung‘s short version music video for his upcoming Japanese single “I Love You” was revealed today on Big Bang‘s YouTube channel. Featuring world famous violinst Taro Hakase, the song is also a remake of Youozaki Yutaka‘s 1991 original, “I Love You.”

Daesung previously set a record by placing second on Oricon‘s weekly chart with his first solo Japanese album, “D’scover,” as a Korean solo artist in Japan. In addition, Daesung started a 20-city nationwide tour in Japan- “D-Lite D’scover Tour 2013“- gathering over 100,000 fans and he will be holding the final concert at the Yokohama Arena on June 18.

Big Bang is planning a six-dome tour in Japan to start in November, touring six cities and totaling 15 concerts and over 720,000 attendees, which will set records.