Lee Shi Young Hid Her Age for Better Chances at Auditions

On the recent episode of “Knee Drop Guru,” which was aired on July 11, actress and amateur boxer Lee Shi Young appeared as a special guest.

During the show, Lee Shi Young revealed why she had to hide her age. She explained, “When I was accepted to the agency, I was told that I am too old to have a good chance at auditions. They recommended that I should lie about my age. For actresses, there is a big difference between 25 and 27.”

Lee Shi Young continued, “When I went to auditions and said I am 27, the directors often told me to get married rather than trying to get acting roles. I was told to get married quite often.”

She added, “As soon as I began to act professionally, I revealed my real age. I did it so I could feel comfortable.”

Lee Shi Young was born on April 17, 1982, making her 32 years old in Korean age.