Ha Yeon Soo And Lee Soon Jae Confirmed For “Potato Star”

The cast line up for TvN’s new sitcom “The Potato Star 2013QR3 that looks like a sweet potato” is starting to come together now with a slew of recent confirmations. Some of these recent confirmations include Ha Yeon Soo, Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Soon Jae and a series of other supporting casts.

TvN has now confirmed previous reports about the casting of Ha Yeon Soo and Lee Soon Jae for their new sitcom stating that “On top of the prior confirmations of Yeo Jin Goo, we can now confirm that Lee Soon Jae, Noh Joo Hyun, Geum Bora, Ha Yeon Soo, Go Kyung Pyo and Seo Aeji will be appearing on Potato Star.” Indie Musician Jang Gi Ha has also confirmed on his homepage that he too will be appearing in the new sitcom.

“The Potato Star” is the newest in a line up of sitcoms manned by famous producer Kim Byung Oak, whose previous work include the High Kick series for MBC and Soonpong Clinic. Interesting to note also is that most of the senior cast has previously worked with him on his older projects. 


TvN have also revealed some details about the characters within the sitcom. Lee Soon Jae will play the role of Noh Song, who is the oldest member of the Noh Family. Meanwhile Noh Joo Hyun will play the role of Noh Song’s son Noh Soo Dong while Geum Bora will play the role of his wife, Wang Yoo Jung. Go Kyung Pyo, who most of you will recognise from “Flower Boy Next Door” will play the role of Noh Soo Dong’s eldest son Noh Min Hyuk with new rookie actress Seo Ae Ji playing the role of his sibling Noh Yoo Jung. 

Ha Yeon Soo will be playing the role of Nah Gina, a girl from a poor family and the main breadwinner. Finally Yeo Jin Goo will play the role of Pro gamer Hwang Hae Sung and the gist of the sitcom will involve the stories of the Noh Family and their interactions with Gina and Hae Sung. 


Out of the casting, Seo Ae Ji is of particular interest. She is a clear rookie by any standard having only made her debut in March of this year in an SKT commercial. Since then she has appeared in numerous other commercials but this will be her first major acting role since her debut. Kim Byung Oak PD has a prior history of radically picking rookie actors and actresses for his main cast, previously featuring the lesser known Shin Sae Kyung, Song Hye Kyo in Sangpoong Clinic, Park Min Young and Kim Bum.

As for the 2013QR3 in the title, that is supposedly just a reference to how new planets are named under the Astronomical Naming Conventions and that the sitcom will also weave in astronomical phenomenons within the plot.

 “The Potato Star 2013QR3 that looks like a sweet potato” will have their first recording in August and is set to air as a daily sitcom from September 23rd on TvN.

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