SISTAR’s Hyorin Criticized for Having Cold Attitude During Fan Signing

SISTAR‘s Hyorin is currently on the spot for having a cold attitude.

On July 15, fan cams and photos spread throughout the Web, containing footage of SISTAR’s fan signing event that was held on July 13.

One fan cam was edited to be around one minute and 13 seconds long, which showed Hyorin having a cold attitude and face during the fan signing event.

Another particular fan cam showed Hyorin saying, “So I was in a ‘mental breakdown’ state before because I was sleeping in the van and just came out. It wasn’t that I was in a bad mood so please don’t worry.”

As soon as Hyorin said that, a fan replied, “You were so scary, my hands were trembling.”

Then Hyorin replied, “How can a person smile for 24 hours, 365 days a year? Right? So it wasn’t that I was in a bad mood, I just didn’t have any expression on my face.”

Then the fans cheered for her to show support and Hyorin’s face got a bit brighter.

SISTAR’s inside sources spoke with Newsen on July 16 and said, “The overall atmosphere of the event was very good. The clip only showed one part of the event, causing a misunderstanding.”

They continued, “Hyorin is the type of person who is real with her fans and treats them with honesty. The event was like a fan meeting so the fans were not offended either. We hope there are no misunderstandings.”

On July 16, Hyorin tweeted through SISTAR’s official Twitter, “Hello, this is Hyorin. I am so sorry for unintentionally disappointing many of you through the fan signing event incident.”

She continued, “I actually had a great time at that event, being with my fans. However, I tend to be really honest with my fans so I think my words and actions can definitely be interpreted in the wrong way.”

Hyorin added, “I will try not to disappoint you from now on,” and “I’m sorry. I will become a Hyorin who works even harder.”

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