Flashback Friday – “Ballad Princes” Fly to the Sky

Do we have any Soompiers out there who remember dial-up internet and having to listen to this to get to spazz out on that strange thing called the Internet with other fangirls and fanboys?

If so, then you probably grew up with H.O.T., Sechs Kies, S.E.S., Fin.K.L, Baby V.O.X., Chakra, Bijou, Shinhwa, Fly to the Sky, Uptown, and 1TYM. You probably remember Yoo Seung Jun being the original hot bad boy rapper of K-Pop; he was also a Korean-American with rock-hard abs who left South Korea in ignominy (Jay Park wasn’t the first). You probably also remember when Uhm Jung Hwa was the sexiest solo singer on the scene (Hyori had to wait her turn). By the way, remember when CG was new and lightning bolts were cool, not cheesy?

With that in mind, “Flashback Friday” will feature artists from days of yore when K-Pop wasn’t so polished but still just as shiny. Today’s Flashback Friday will be featuring Fly to the Sky.

Fly to the Sky was a pop/R&B duo comprised of Hwanhee and Brian Joo. Hwanhee, known as the voice of the group for his velvety, unique, and powerful vocals, grew up in South Korea and was scouted by SM Entertainment. Brian, whose voice is of a sweeter timbre, grew up in New Jersey and auditioned as a teenager for Brothers Entertainment who later sent him to SM Entertainment. 

Fly to the Sky debuted in 1999 with a full-length album “Day by Day,” which was followed by seven more full-length albums: second album “Promise” in 2001, third album “Sea of Love” in 2002, fourth album “Missing You” in 2003, fifth album “Gravity” in 2004, sixth album “Transition” in 2005, seventh album “No Limitations” in 2007, and eighth album “Decennium” in 2009.

In addition to their singing talent, the two were also regulars on the variety circuit with numerous appearances on oldie-but-goodie programs “X-Man,” “Love Letter,” and “Star Golden Bell.” Hwanhee showed off his break-dancing skills along with a cool charismatic image, and was Hwayobi’s television husband on the program “We Got Married.” Brian showed off his amazing sexy and camp dance skills (he came way before 2AM’s Jo Kwon), and was known for his comedic bent. The two later released their own solo albums and Fly to the Sky was put on hiatus.

Click through the gallery to see their live performances, and don’t forget to check out Soompi’s exclusive interview with Brian.

FTTS – “Missing You” 

FTTS – “Like a Man”


FTTS – “Good Bye” 


FTTS – “Sea of Love” 

FTTS – “Even Though My Heart Hurts”

BONUS: Brian on program “X-Man” (Thanks to indianbread!) 

Bonus: Brian with Jeon Hye Bin on program “Heroine 6” (Thanks to one211!) 

BONUS: Fly to the Sky on program “Heroine 6” (Thanks to Yunirin17!) 

BONUS: Compilation of Brian’s sexy dances (Thanks to Naataashaa!) 

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