Lee Hyun Woo Can’t Hide His Puppy Dog Eyes in Upcoming “@star1” Photo Shoot

“Secretly, Greatly” star Lee Hyun Woo will be featured in a photo shoot for the August issue of “@star1” magazine. In the photo shoot, Lee Hyun Woo is dressed simply in a white T-shirt, a black leather jacket, and jeans, and leans against a pole in a playground. Everything from the languid poses to the slightly furrowed brow, even his hair, evokes the iconic James Dean. However, those dewy, puppy-dog eyes are all Lee Hyun Woo. 

This year, Lee Hyun Woo, along with Kim Soo Hyun and Park Ki Woong, was cast in the summer action movie “Secretly, Greatly” which was released on June 5, 2013 in South Korea. The film follows the stories of three North Korean sleeper spies who live under made-up identities while awaiting orders to begin their mission to unify the Koreas. Lee Hyun Woo lives under the guise of high school student. Kim Soo Hyun lives under the guise of a village idiot. Park Ki Woong lives under the guise of an aspiring singer. The film was also shown at the New York Asia Film Festival, from June 28 to July 15, and can be seen at the Canada Fantasia Film Festival, from July 18 to August 6.

Lee Hyun Woo, who began his career as a child star, gained a large number of fans as an adult star with a supporting role in the KBS drama “God of Study,” a lead role in the musical production of “Footloose,” and as the MC for SBS music program “Inkigayo.”

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