Kim Jae Wook and Taecyeon in a Ghostly World for Upcoming “Singles” Photo Shoot

“Who Are You” stars Kim Jae Wook and Taecyeon will be featured in a photo shoot and interview for the August issue of fashion magazine “Singles.” 

The photo shoot seems to be a play on the supernatural realm that “Who Are You” inhabits with the actors posing in a ghostly, alternate world filled with shades of blue and black, and scarred and scratched walls. Kim Jae Wook and Taecyeon’s strong, masculine features were accentuated and the two give somber looks to the camera. 

In the tvN supernatural drama “Who Are You,” Kim Jae Wook, Taecyeon, and So Yi Hyun play characters who become entangled in a love triangle that centers around the mysterious ability of So Yi Hyun’s character. So Yi Hyun plays Yang Si Ohn who is a police officer that awakens from a six-year coma with the ability to see ghosts. Taecyeon plays Cha Geun Woo who is a fellow police officer that only believes in evidence that he can see or touch, and eventually falls for Yang Si Ohn. Kim Jae Wook plays Lee Hyeong Jun who is Yang Si Ohn’s deceased boyfriend and appears as a spirit who hasn’t left for the afterlife. 

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