KBS Music Bank 07.12.13 – Ailee’s First Win with “U & I”

The winner of K-chart this week was charismatic Ailee with “U & I,” beating INFINITE’s “Destiny.” Congratulations Ailee!

This week was the exciting comeback stage of sexy AOA BLACK with the cool catchy song “Moya” and f(x) with their new interesting song “Rum Pum Pum Pum.” Also today featured the impressive comeback performances of BEAST with the songs “Shadow” and “I’m Sorry.”

Other exciting performances today were by Crayon Pop, A Pink, Girls Day, Dal Shabet and many more.

Next week will feature comeback performances by Five Dolls and VIXX!

Enjoy the performances below. Congratulations once again to Ailee!

Ailee Winning K-Chart + Encore

INFINITE – “Destiny”

AOA – “Moya”

f(x) – “Rum Pum Pum Pum”

BEAST – “I’m Sorry”

BEAST – “Shadow

Crayon Pop – “Bar Bar Bar”

A Pink – “No No No”

Girls Day – “Female President”

Dal Shabet – “Be Ambitious”

Five Dolls Comeback Next Week

VIXX Comeback Next Week

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