New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 July Week 4

Brown Eyed Girls Vol. 5 – Black Box (July 30)


01 After Club
02 Want to Fly
03 Kill Bill
04 Boy
05 Satisfaction
06 Mystery Survivor
07 It’s a Lie
08 Recipe
09 Good Fellas

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Brown Eyed Girls returns after two years with their fifth album, “Black Box.” The girls will show different sides of themselves with the help of top producer, Yoon Il Sang. It is known that Je-A and Miyro participated in composing and penning songs as well.

F(x) Vol. 2 – Pink Tape (July 31)


01 Rum Pum Pum Pum
02 Shadow
03 Pretty Girl
04 Kick
05 Signal
06 Step
07 Goodbye Summer (f(Amber + Luna + Krystal)) (feat. D.O. of EXO-K)
08 Airplane
09 Toy
10 No More
11 Snapshot
12 Ending Page

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F(x) returns after one year with their sophomore album, “Pink Tape.” Through this album, fans will be able to see the members’ color and individual style. The title track is “Rum Pum Pum Pum,” an addictive dance number with guitar and marching drum beats.

Kim Hyun Joong mini-album Vol. 3 – Round 3 (July 30)

072713_KimHyun Joong_Newalbumsandsinglespreview

01 Unbreakable
02 Your Story
03 Like the Past
04 Gentleman
05 I’m Yours
06 Let’s Party

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Kim Hyun Joong makes a comeback with his third mini-album, “Round 3.” There are a total of six tracks including the titular “Your Story.” Other songs in the album include “Unbreakable,” a dance track featuring Jay Park and urban pop number, “Gentleman.”

VIXX mini-album Vol. 1 Repackaged – Jekyll (July 31)


01 Jekyll
02 Dae.Da.Na.Da.Neo
03 What To Do
04 Light Up the Dark
05 Hyde
06 Stop Enduring (feat. Mina of Girl’s Day)
07 Chaos
08 Love Letter
09 Dae.Da.Na.Da.Neo (INST)

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VIXX comes before fans with their repackaged first mini-album, “Jekyll.” The title track is “Dae.Da.Na.Da.Neo,” a bright and lively track composed by Shin Hyuk, who is also responsible for SHINee’s “Dream Girl.”

Koyote (single) – Hollywood (released)


01 Hollywood (feat. Jung Jun Ha)
02 Hollywood INST

Mixed group, Koyote returns after a year and a half with a new single album, “Hollywood.” It is an electronic disco number with some blues rhythms. Infinite Challenge member, Jung Jun Ha lends his voice in the intro and ending parts of the song.

Double A (single) – Midnight Taxi (released)


01 Midnight Taxi

Double A makes a comeback after a year and two months with a sexy track, “Midnight Taxi.” The song was co-produced by Frankie A and Double A member, Aurora. It is an R&B track with lyrics about riding a taxi in search of an ex-lover in hopes to meet her secretly.

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