Suzy Says Guys Don’t Really Hit On Her, Chooses Kang Dong Won Over Kim Soo Hyun

miss A‘s Suzy made a surprising revelation by saying, “I haven’t really been asked out by guys.”

On July 29, Suzy was the youngest person to be a guest on “Healing Camp.” During the episode, she said, “I heard that many people chose me as their ideal types but no one actually asked me out.”

The MCs told Suzy that many famous celebrities, including Song Seung Hun, confessed that Suzy was their ideal types. But Suzy responded, “I heard about that too but no one actually calls me.”

Then MC Han Hye Jin suggested, “Maybe you don’t know that you’re being hit on,” and Suzy responded, “I know how it feels like to be hit on but really, no one really contacts me.”

Suzy continued, “I got a call from Kim Jae Dong oppa once. He introduced himself to me as a book author,” which made everyone explode with laughter.

When it came time for Suzy to choose her ideal type by playing the Ideal Type World Cup, the final winner was Kang Dong Won.

The first match was Song Joong Ki against Kim Soo Hyun, to which Suzy picked Song Joong Ki. 

About Kim Soo Hyun, she said “We are really close. He is a good person but I saw Song Joong Ki in ‘Nice Guy‘ and ‘A Werewolf Boy,‘” explaining her reason for choosing Song Joong Ki.

Next up was Lee Jae Hoon against Lee Seung Ki, to which Suzy said, “I pick Lee Jae Hoon. His face is the closest to my ideal type.”

The next match was Kang Dong Won against So Ji Sub where Suzy didn’t hesitate to choose Kang Dong Won by saying, “I really like him.”

Suzy chose Jung Woo Sung over Song Seung Hun and in the end, Kang Dong Won was picked as her number one ideal type.

At the end, Suzy sent a video message to Kang Dong Won saying, “Sunbaenim, please take care of your health and I’m cheering for you.”

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