Monthly Underrated K-Pop Music Releases – July

This month’s underrated K-Pop releases contain singles and albums from June 25 through July 29. JQ and 1sagain return again with new upbeat hip-hop singles while Taeyoon, Jinri, and indie singer-songwriter June Bug debut with their first singles. During this month, there were many catchy musical releases, especially from Illy J, Melody Day, and Alley Cat. Many of these artists showcased strong vocals and addicting melodies.

Melody Day and S.E.A Time showed us emotional ballad tracks bound to win over your heart, while So Hye, June Bug, and Healing Project shared indie-type songs, perfect to relax with in this summer sun. Illy J, Taeyoon, and Hami feature rapping in their title songs that are quite refreshing for the music scene.

There are many rookie artists who should be looked out for in the near future like Ella and Jinri. They possess soulful vocals that are quite charming. We even have a trot release by Yun-Ah. The music video for her title track “Sorry Sorry” is a good watch if you need a little laugh.

Check out the rest of the July releases and tune into next month’s underrated releases. Interested in one of these artists and would love more information about them? Make a request via comment, Facebook, or Twitter, and a profile of any underrated artist will be posted up in the K-Pop forum section by yours truly. Some artists may not have any available information (i.e. profiles, videos, pictures, etc.), therefore not all requests can be fulfilled.

Hami – 지금 나갈까 (June 26)

Melody Day – New Wave Studio Rookie (Vol. 1) (June 26)

Yoyo – Yesterday Today (June 27)

Aaron – 꿀잠 (June 28)

Illy J – Stained (July 1)

Lady Owl – Secret Love (July 1)

Taeyoon – California Love (July 3)

Alley Cat – Emotion (July 3)

JQ – Sea of Love (July 3)

4WD – The Sign of 4 (July 3)

S.E.A. Time – S.E.A. Time 1st Single Album (July 5)

eLBieL – Browni (July 8)

Yoa – Such A Person (July 10)

Ran – 미운 오리같아도 (July 15)

Dreambox On Air – Tomorrow (July 16)

Sohye – But I Know You Like Me (July 17)

Urban Space – Like You (July 17)

Ella – 니가뭔데 (July 18)

Nieah – Belief (July 19)

Yun-Ah – Sorry Sorry (July 23)

C.L.O. – 놀Go먹Go (July 24)

Jinri – Hush (July 25)

June Bug – Kind of Green (July 25)

1sagain – 흔한 이야기 (Ordinary Story) (July 25)

Joanna – 그리다 (July 26)

Healing Project – Beautiful Day (July 26)

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