SISTAR Soyu Always Deposits Half Her Earnings In Savings

With an increase of popularity, comes more work opportunities, which eventually leads to more money entering your wallet. SISTAR has been succinctly demonstrating this phenomena with the recent success of “Give It To Me and their advertisement with Ocean World. So now that they are fairly successful and have some money in their wallet, what do the girls actually do with their money? Well that was revealed during the recent airing of SBS Talk Show “Hwashin.”

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The question about what Soyu does with her money was one of the topics of discussion during a recent airing of Hwashin featuring SISTAR’s Soyu, Hyorin, actor Jung Woong In and actress Lee Yoo Bi. One of the segments in the show is called ” I heard through the grapevine” and the segment asks their guests about whether rumors they’ve been hearing about were true or not. Soyu’s rumor was that she was very possessive and that she had saved the most amount of money amongst idols to the point where she was supposedly a VVVIP at her bank.

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Hyorin initially stares at Soyu quite seriously and casually mentions how “This is the first time I’ve heard of this.” Soyu is quick to address this saying that Hyorin shouldn’t feel betrayed by this because they have extremely different personalities. The example Soyu gives is about what happens if both of them suddenly gets USD$1000. While Hyorin says “I got a $1000, I got a $1000, I’ll buy you some delicious stuff etc etc,” with Soyu saying that Hyorin would spend the money if she got it.

Meanwhile Soyu states that she would immediately split $500 off it and then save it. She finishes off by saying that while she isn’t a VVVIP at her bank, she does do a lot of saving. MC Shin Dong Yeob then jokingly corrects her by saying that saving money doesn’t make you a bank VVVIP, instead you have to take a lot of loans since that’s how they make their money.

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As for why Soyu saves so much, she explains that “During my younger days, there were times when my family was falling on difficult times” and so she “Took a lot of different jobs during my middle school days.” She continues on by saying that she earned all her own pocket number starting from middle school. As for what kind of jobs she did, she states that she got a hairdresser’s licenses and worked at a hairdressers in 2nd year of middle school. She states that she has done pretty much everything besides being a fuel pump assistant.

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Lastly they talk about how much money Soyu earns and how she invests her money. Soyu reveals that Hyorin is the biggest earner and that the rest of them are fairly even. As for how she invests her money she mentions that she splits her money into various accounts and that she spends when she needs to and saves when she needs to save, while mentioning the fact that you don’t know what will happen in the future if you’re an idol and so that is why she saves up initially to weather any future issues. Lastly, she is asked what her biggest expense was and she replies that the biggest expense so far has been to buy a house for her parents.

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