Lotteria Releases A Meal Set Named After INFINITE

Idols being endorsement models for fast food restaurants isn’t really surprising these days, but what if they also had an actual meal set named after them? Well, good news! Lotteria has decided that one of their latest meal set campaign should actually be named after a popular idol group. That lucky idol group is none other than the lovable boy group Infinite.

Lotteria, in collaboration with Pepsi, has decided to introduce a new “Pepsi Infinite Set” to their menu. The new set is around USD$10 and is essentially a meal for two and contains a Hot Crispy Burger, a choice between a Bulgogi Burger or Shrimp Burger, Seasoned Chips, Cheese Sticks, 2 Pepsi Drinks, and finally an Infinite scratch card.


The scratch card that is being offered with the meal is of particular interest as it offers a wide range of prizes for the discerning Infinite fan, with every card guaranteed to win at least one of the four prizes. 100 people that get “first” on their cards will get two tickets to the Pepsi PEP concert being held on September 8th, while another 100 people that get “second” on their card will win an Infinite t-shirt. Another 200 people that get “third” will win an Infinite tumbler. Finally, everyone else who gets “fourth” on their cards will get a coupon to buy a cup of lemonade for around USD$1. The scratch cards also have a QR code which you can use to view a video of the Infinite members performing a dance.

 The event will only be available until August 31.