Park Myung Soo Taken to ER During “Infinity Challenge” Filming

It’s been belatedly revealed that comedian-singer Park Myung Soo was taken to the emergency room during the filming for “Infinity Challenge.”

On August 1, several media outlets reported that Park Myung Soo had symptoms of small intestine inflammation on July 25 during filming. That day, he was already in poor condition when he arrived at the “Infinity Challenge” set.

The filming lasted from sunrise to past midnight, but he wasn’t able to withstand the pain and was rushed to the hospital around midnight. The other members gave their all to fill in his absence and it was rumored that the filming didn’t finish until sunrise the following day.

It’s been revealed that he also had shingles. His overall condition was so poor to the extent that cast members and staff weren’t sure if he would be able to make it to the August 1 filming. But, he didn’t want to cause the other members and staff inconvenience so he arrived at the set and participated in the filming.

In other news, he is recently in the spotlight for his generous donations each month to cancer patients for at least the past five years.