Lee Bo Young Reveals True Height and Weight

Actress Lee Bo Young revealed her true height and weight, according to Sports Chosun.

On July 31, Lee Bo Young was featured on SBS program “One Night of TV Entertainment” for an interview. She revealed her true height and weight measurements.

Lee Bo Young on One Night of Entertainment

She said, “The height that is on my profile, 168 centimeters, is correct. However, when people see me in person, they say that I look a lot shorter.”

To confirm her height, a “One Night of TV Entertainment” producer who was also 168 centimeters tall stood next to her. There was no height difference.

Lee Bo Young continued, “My profile says that I weigh 48 kilograms, but I’ve gained a lot of weight. There once was a time when I weighed that much, but now I weigh 50 kilograms.”

In the interview, she also revealed that her favorite form of physical contact was piggyback rides. Announcer Kim Il Joong playfully asked, “Does your boyfriend, actor Ji Sung, give you a lot of piggyback rides?”

The “I Can Hear Your Voice” star replied, “I just go and jump on him to get a piggyback ride. I love piggyback rides.”