BoA: “I Got Turned Down from Dramas Because of My Popularity”

BoA recently revealed the burden of her popularity, according to TV Daily.

On the latest episode of SBS’ “Thank You,” BoA went on a trip with actors Son Hyun Joo and Moon Jung Hee. During this trip, she revealed some struggles she had gone through as a celebrity. 

BoA on Thank You
She said, “For the past 13 years, I’ve had moments where I wanted to just leave the my reputation as singer ‘BoA’ behind,” revealing her desire to pursue the path of acting.

BoA was able to taste her first real shot at acting through her first movie, “Make Your Move,” which debuted in Europe. Her first drama, KBS’ “Waiting on Romance,” will be airing its episodes soon.

She continued, “To be honest, I’ve wanted to be an actress for a while. I tried out for some roles but I was turned down by casting departments. They said that having singer BoA would be too burdensome. But I wanted to be known as the new actress Kwon BoA, not just the artist BoA.”

Senior actors Son Hyun Joo and Moon Hee Joon gave BoA some life advice on this episode of “Thank You,” which airs on August 2.

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