Kim Young Kwang’s Mother Asked Him If He Liked Kissing Goo Hara

Actor Kim Young Kwang revealed some news about his first kiss scene with Kara’s Goo Hara, according to E Daily News.

On the latest episode of KBS2’s “Happy Together 3,” Kim Young Kwang said, “Since my transition from a model to an actor, I feel like my mother brags about me more often.”

He added, “When my mom goes out for church, she has a picture of me in her bag. She also takes a big interest in my co-stars. She’ll ask, ‘Does she treat you well?’ and ‘What does she do?’ She asks an endless amount of questions.”

He continued, “When my mother saw my recent kiss scene with Goo Hara, she asked, ‘Did you really do it? You two touched lips? Did you like it?’ She asked so many questions, it was awkward.” Everyone on the set broke out in laughter.

Kim Young Gwang and Goo Hara

In other news, Kim Young Kwang’s drama, “Good Doctor,” begins broadcast on August 1.

Do you think other celebrities’ parents ask these kinds of questions?