Lee Hyori Bids Farewell to Her Single Life Through a Flea Market

Lee Hyori will be participating in a flea market in preparation for her new married life in September, according to Star In News.

Flea Market

On August 1, Hyori tweeted, “Stylists Han Hae Rin, Lee Hyori, and Song Hye Gyo’s flea market. A shopping opportunity for our old clothing, shoes, vintage, interior decorations, only at 10% of the manufacturer’s price!”

She added, “From August 9 to August 10. I’m getting rid of some of my stuff before I get married. I’m saying goodbye to these things that were a part of my glamorous single life.”

These items will be sold at a store called Super Normal in Gangnam, Seoul.

Next month, Lee Hyori will be marrying long-time boyfriend, musician Lee Sang Soon. There will no formal ceremony or reception. She said, “I’ve always wanted a small and quiet wedding. We’ll have dinner with our parents and siblings, and it’ll serve both as a family meeting and a ceremony.”

Are any of you going to check out the flea market? With these ladies’ fashion sense, there are sure to be some great steals!