John Park Almost in Tears and Sungkyu in Shock on Infinity Challenge

If there is one thing that never gets old when watching variety shows, it’s surprise camera segments. They don’t happen too often these days but when they do it’s a hilarious segment. As part of their Summer Variety Show Training Camp special, Infinity Challenge decided to invite a few up-and-coming variety show stars to train them up in the rigours of variety shows. Of course the best way to train them is to shock them with a surprise camera. So how did guests like John Park end up almost in tears while INFINITE’s Sungkyu is shocked beyond words?

On the recent airing of Infinity Challenge, they invited a wide variety of guests to participate in their summer variety show training camp. The guests were INFINITE’s Kim Sung Kyu, Chun Myung Hoon, actor Lim Won Hee, actor Kim Min Gyo, 2PM’s Jun. K, UV’s Muze and John Park. They were picked because they had the potential to be great variety show stars with a bit of training. As part of their training the Infinity Challenge team decide to set up a small surprise camera segment to start with. 

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The premise of the surprise camera is very simple, as the guests drive up the driveway to the building entrance, they will be surrounded by a group of reporters and cameras. At this time comedian and reporter for the day Maeng Seung Ji will start to hurl absurd questions at them, designed to fluster and shock them. Their first victim is INFINITE’s Sungkyu, who drives up in his van oblivious to what is about to happen in a few minutes. His van is immediately surrounded by 20 fake reporters and Sungkyu is reluctant to get out. 

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As soon as Sungkyu gets out of the car, he is dealt a massive shock as the reporter asks him what has happened and that they’ve heard all the rumours already with the reporters asking him if he has showed up today to clarify those rumours. At no point do they actually say what those rumours are, because they don’t exist, but Sungkyu is clearly shocked and dazed by the sudden questions. The reporter fuels the flame by saying that he is currently the most searched term on the search pages and then proceeds to drive a nail into his heart by asking him “who” that person is. At this point Sungkyu is shocked beyond words, clearly dazed by the fact that the reporter keeps mentioning this person and how this person has already revealed everything. 

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The reporter continues to press the point and ask him who this person is, how a photo has been revealed and that if he has anything to say to his agency. Sungkyu continues to murmur about how he doesn’t know who this person is and that he feels mortified. Eventually the interview takes a more hilarious turn when the reporter asks him what’s she’s like and if she’s pretty, at which point Sungkyu starts to smile again.

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The other interesting target was John Park. His interview starts off much easier with a simple name joke, calling him Eugene Park. The reporter then tries to correct herself and calls him Joon Park then Pi Park, Twin Park before John Park just gives up and asks just to be called Mr. Park. At this point John Park looks a bit flustered but nothing too serious so the team decides to turn up the heat on him.

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They bring out the big guns and ask him the loaded question, “Why did you do that last night” followed by, “you’re currently the most searched for term.” They turn up the heat even further by asking him why he did what he did with his mentor Lee Juk. John Park is clearly dazed and continues to ask what exactly happened but obviously the reporters can’t tell him because it’s all made up. 

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The reporters then continue to ask him to explain himself while saying that the person has already announced something. The clearly shocked John Park asks them if that was Lee Juk to which they just say yes. John Park continues to say he doesn’t know what this is about while the reporters continue to ask him for answers. At this point John Park looks like he is about to burst out in tears. 

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John Park then suddenly with tears in his eyes just says, “It’s correct,” despite the fact he hasn’t actually done anything. He then goes on to say that he is sorry saying that he doesn’t know what has happened but if Lee Juk has said something then it must be right. He continues on to say that he follows along with Lee Juk and whatever he says must be correct and finally saying sorry before heading into the building. Once he gets inside the members continue to tease him about it asking about why Lee Juk did what he did, at which point John Park notices the fact that the members were watching everything that was happening. He eventually realizes it was all a trick and begins to smile. 

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Meanwhile during 2PM Jun.K’s segment, they confuse his name and call him Cajun, Cajun Salad, Jun. Gay, asking him if he’s 14K or 24k, telling him that Changsung is more handsome, teasing him about the fact he has no lenses in his glasses, that he was going to be swapped with Jo Kwon in 2AM, asking him if he is capable of being “kkap. K” and finally the reporters asks him if he doesn’t remember the fact that they’ve seen each other at a club.

You can also watch John Park’s segment below

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