Sunny Hill Talks About Other Girl Groups, Image, and Goals in Interview

Sunny Hill, a girl group consisting of four members as sole male member Janghyun is currently serving in the military, sat down with MK News for an interview.

As the members are a little older in age compared to the current and newer girl groups, and their peers are pairing off and getting married, they mention how they want to date as well. They sing “We’re lonely, but we’re not sad” in one of their lyrics and later shared why they’re not. “It’s because we’re everyone’s lover [as a girl group member].”

Misung: “We’re having a blast while promoting. It’s because we have a limited fate as a girl group. (Laugh) We’ll put in our last bits of energy into this.”

SeungA: “However, when there are cuter friends who come out with similar concepts as us, we would sometimes gape saying ‘Huk!.’”

Misung: “There was a time recently where A Pink came up on stage right after us during the dry rehearsal. We felt a little hopeless.”

Jubi: “However, we aim to be an exciting group and aren’t cute. Thanks for seeing us as cute though, haha.”

It’s been over six years in the industry and with agency changes and member addition, the group saw and experienced many different things. They expressed that they want to get closer to each other instead of just focusing on music.

The members mentioned, “Maybe it’s because our image is strong, but the people around us don’t really approach us. Even so, we’ve been going for a softer image with less strong music and it seems that people are warming up to the change. Maybe it’s because we’ve been doing mainstream music, but we’ve been hearing that we’ve gotten prettier.”

Jubi: “We think we’re doing well because we’re being accepted and acknowledged with releasing music that’s our style and color. However, we want to continue receiving more love.”

The members also revealed that they still have a lot more music to explore and share.

Misung: “We tried a lot of different music already and it’s because our goal is to create a ‘Sunny Hill’ genre. Whether it’s rock, hip hop, folk or something else, we want to create special and unique music that only Sunny Hill can do.”

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