Flashback Friday: The Hustlers — Jewelry

Do we have any Soompiers out there who remember dial-up internet and having to listen to this to get to spazz out on that strange thing called the Internet with other fangirls and fanboys? “Flashback Friday” will feature artists from days of yore when K-Pop wasn’t so polished but still just as shiny.

Today’s Flashback Friday features Jewelry—the longest-running girl group in K-pop history, and, having released six full-length albums and having survived the replacement of six members, perhaps, the strongest girl group in K-pop history. 

In March 2001, Jewelry debuted with four members: Park Jung Ah, Lee Ji Hyun, Jung Yoo Jin, and Jun Eun Mi, and with their first full-length album entitled: “Discovery.”

In July 2002, Jewelry came back with a concept that played up their sex appeal; a new line-up which consisted of Park Jung Ah, Lee Ji Hyun, Seo In Young, and Cho Min Ah; and their second full-length album called “Again.” With two hits off their second album with “Again” and “Tonight,” the girl group was off and running. Jewelry released two more full-length albums before their next major change: third album “Beloved” in July 2003 and fourth album “Super Star” in March 2005. Their fourth album “Super Star” was a huge success with the popularity of their singles “Super Star” (penned by Shinhwa member Minwoo) and “Passion.” Despite Jewelry’s rising status in the music industry, Lee Ji Hyun and Cho Min Ah left the group; with the girl group placed on hiatus, Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young released solo albums.

In February 2008, Jewelry returned with a new line-up which included Park Jung Ah, Seo In Young, Baby J, and Kim Eun Jung, and their fifth full-length album “Kitchi Island” which was another huge success with the smash hit single “One More Time” (and a follow-up single mini album “Kitchi Island 2” with the single “Everybody, Shh!”). In August 2009, Jewelry released their sixth full-length album “Sophisticated,” and promoted singles “Vari2ty” and “Strong Girl.” However, by 2009, Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young were itching to pursue individual activities; in particular, Park Jung Ah wanted to work on her budding acting career and Seo In Young on her solo music.

In January 2011, Jewelry returned with their latest line-up which included Baby J, Eunjung, Semi, and Yewon, and a digital single called “Back It Up.” The new Jewelry now only promotes single albums, and has notably released the following singles: “Pass” in May 2011; “Dream Come True” in December 2011; “Look At Me” in October 2012; and a single called “HOT & COLD” in July 2013.

Click through the gallery to enjoy old school K-pop! 

Jewelry – “Again”


Jewelry – “Tonight”

Jewelry – “Super Star” (change to HD) 

Jewelry – “Passion” (change to HD) 


Jewelry – “One More Time”


Jewelry – “Everybody, Shh!”

Jewelry – “Vari2ty” 

Jewelry – “Back It Up”

Jewelry – “Look At Me”

Jewelry – “Hot & Cold”


Park Jung Ah – “Yeah”

Seo In Young – “Cinderella”

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