Why Was Joo Won Chosen for the “Good Doctor” Lead?

When director of upcoming KBS2 drama “Good Doctor,” Ki Min Soo, was asked why he chose Joo Won for the lead, he had an interesting response, according to Osen News. He answered, “Because he’s in good shape.”

At a press conference for “Good Doctor” that took place at Sung Mo Hospital in Seoul on July 31, Director Ki Min Soo explained his choice, “I heard he’s performed 250 times for musicals. If he wasn’t fit, he couldn’t have done it.”

He continued, “While filming ‘Ojakgyo Brothers,’ I felt something. I developed a faith in the actor. I thought he could pull off anything, from feelings to politics portrayed in the drama.”

Joo Won plays the role of Park Si On, who was diagnosed with Autism and Savant Syndrome as a child. Si On is a genius who has a phenomenal memory and excellent spatial perception. He is a first year resident at Sung Won University Hospital, where he meets Cha Yoon Suh (played by Moon Chae Won) and falls in love. 

“Good Doctor” will begin broadcasting episodes on August 5.