Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and Yuri Show Support for Shinhwa

On August 3rd, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and Yuri made surprise appearances as concert attendees at Shinhwa’s2013 SHINHWA Grand Tour THE CLASSIC‘ Seoul finale concert!

Shinhwa’s Minwoo shared a picture with the two girls backstage on his Facebook, writing, “Taeyeon and Yuri came and supported Shinhwa’s 15th anniversary finale concert~^^ Thank you to my kind and loyal dongsengs~ I will go to Girls’ Generation’s concert next time♥ Thanks for the birthday present, Yuri^^hehe.”

During the concert, Taeyeon also uploaded a short, 15-second video of the cheering crowd on her Instagram, along with: “I’m excited! Anticipation, anticipation! #ShinhwaChanjo.” In the video, Taeyeon and Yuri could be heard chanting along with the rest of the fans! 

Nice to know that these girls are showing love for their sunbaes!