Girl Group Fiestar Back to Teach You More Korean Slang

JeiCheska, and Cao Lu of girl group Fiestar is back to give you another lesson on Korean slang!

Their new video series, “A-ha!“, will be focusing on giving global K-Pop fans a chance to learn Korean phrases. Previously, the ladies have taught you “daebak,” and are back this time to teach you the Korean slang phrase, “deuktem“!

In the video, Jei, Cheska, and Cao Lu explains the word in three different languages: Korean, English, Chinese. According to them, “deuk” is the Chinese character that means to get or obtain, while “tem” derives from the English vocabulary ‘Item’. Therefore, “deuktem” is usually the word to use when you get something special!

This is a great way for non-Korean speakers to pick up on some Korean slang! Don’t forget to be on the lookout for the next video in the series!