New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 August Week 1

EXO Vol. 1 Repackaged XOXO (Kiss Version) (August 5)


01 Growl
02 Wolf
04 Lucky
05 Baby, Don’t Cry
06 Black Pearl
07 Don’t Go
08 Let Out the Beast
09 3.6.5
10 Heart Attack
11 Peter Pan
12 Baby
13 My Lady
14 Growl (EXO-K Version)

EXO makes a comeback this month with a repackaged version of their debut album, “XOXO.” There are three new songs – title track, “Growl,” XOXO, and “Lucky.” “Growl” is a dance number with urban/R&B sounds. The song holds witty lyrics about how a man feels when he doesn’t want to lose his lover by other men.

SHINee Vol. 3 – The Misconceptions Of Us  (August 8)


CD 1
01 Spoiler
02 Dream Girl
03 Hitchhiking
04 Punch Drunk Love
05 Girls, Girls, Girls
06 Aside
07 Beautiful
08 Dynamite
09 Runaway
10 Selene 6.23

CD 2
01 Nightmare
02 Why So Serious?
03 Shine (Medusa I)
04 Orgel
05 Dangerous (Medusa II)
06 Like a Fire
07 Excuse Me Miss
08 Evil
09 Sleepless Night
10 Better Off

SHINee finally releases their “The Misconceptions of Us” compilation album, which consists of both parts of their third album as well as two new tracks, “Selene 6.23” and “Better Off.” “Selene 6.23” is a beautiful ballad that blends the members’ vocals with orchestral accompaniment. New-age pianist, Yiruma takes part in this song, upgrading it all the more. “Better Off” on the other hand is a medium-tempo pop ballad with lyrics about the sadness of breakup.

B.A.P mini-album Vol. 3 – Badman (August 8)


01 Whut’s Poppin’
02 Badman
03 Excuse Me
04 Coffee Shop
05 Bow Wow
06 Hurricane

B.A.P comes before fans once more with their third mini-album, “Badman.” There are a total of three title tracks. Jazz number, “Coffee Shop” and dance track, “Hurricane” were previously released, leaving one last title, “Badman.” It holds a strong message about society.

ZE:A – Illusion (August 9)


01 Crazy
02 Ghost of the Wind
03 Step By Step
04 U’re My Sweety
05 No. 1
06 Ghost of the Wind INST

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ZE:A has come together as nine for their upcoming mini-album, “Illusion.” There are a total of five new tracks including the titular, “Ghost of the Wind.” It is a house dance track with lyrics about being unable to confess one’s love for a girl. Even if she’s with another guy, there is nothing he can do but walk away.

T-Ara/Davichi (single) – Bikini (released)


01 Bikini (feat. Skull)

This summer, the hit makers of SISTAR’s “Loving U” have collaborated with T-ara and Davichi for the newest summer single, “Bikini.” It is an energetic summery dance number where T-ara and Davichi’s vocals blend well with Skull’s rap.

Kang Seung Yoon (single) – Wild And Young (released)


01 Wild and Young

Kang Seung Yoon finally comes before fans with his second single, “Wild and Young.” Produced by Teddy, it is a strong rock number that brings out the singer’s deep vocals. Listeners will be able to relax to this easy-listening song.

BoA (single) – Action (released)


01 Action
02 Action INST

BoA releases “Action,” 2013 Gwangju Design Biennale’s theme song. Co-composed and penned by Yoo Young Jin and BoA herself, this EDM (electronic dance music) has an easy melody with trendy beats. The theme of “fashion, passion, and action” can be repeatedly heard through this catchy song.

Girl’s Day Summer Special single – Tell Me (released)


01 Tell Me
02 Tell Me INST

Girl’s Day releases a summer single, “Tell Me” just in time for the summer heat. This exciting synth pop dance number holds lyrics about a girl who tries to seduce a guy she meets for the first time at the beach.

Five Dolls (single) – Since 1971 (released)


01 Original
02 Listen 2

Five Girls have returned with a new single, “Since 1971.” The title track is “Original,” a retro disco number with a bokgo dance concept. Despite this retro concept, it is known that the music video and choreography will follow a different style.


Cool (single) – Standing in Front of Breakup (released)


01 Standing in Front of Breakup

Cool joins forces after four years with a brand new single, “Standing in Front of Breakup.” The song is a sad number about breakup between a man and woman due to differences. It has an upbeat rhythm but the lyrics are quite the opposite.

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