Kim Gura And SNL Crew Dance To Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar

Crayon Pop‘s new song, Bar Bar Bar, has been somewhat of an unexpected hit with the song proving to be much more popular than anyone anticipated. Crayon Pop was also recently voted as MTV Iggy’s Artist of the Week and they also happen to be holding a dance cover contest. However, when they announced that contest they probably didn’t expect Kim Gura and the crew of SNL Korea to try their hands at it.


In the recent episode of SNL Korea featuring comedian and famous swearer Kim Gura as the host, they did a parody of Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar” with Kim Gura and the SNL Crew called Gurayon Pop. The parody music video features the trademark helmet and tracksuit-inspired clothing that has become a trademark of Crayon Pop along with a cameo appearance from the group themselves. This however means that we also got to see some of the male SNL crew in skirts along with Kim Gura wearing the full outfit and doing the famous Straight 5 Engine dance.

[tvN] SNL KOREA.S4E22.130803.김구라.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP.avi_snapshot_00.33.42_[2013.08.04_18.28.03]

The lyrics were slightly edited and now talked about making a wish by rubbing Kim Gura’s magical chins. In the end Kim Gura transforms into the blue genie from Aladdin, fully dressed up in Blue and accompanying beard.

You can see this somewhat shocking music video parody for yourself below.