Lush Member Jamie Was Park Se Young’s Vocal Coach

Lush is a three-member group that recently made their debut. The members comprise of three talented female singers named Jamie, Mini and Sara. Of these members, Jamie is currently receiving a lot of focus due to the fact that she used to be actress Park Se Young‘s vocal coach.

885403a11b4ce276b31ab1c02fc733f4Actress Park Se Young, as seen in Faith

Lush’s recently released single “Miserable” has received quite some attention since their debut with their powerful vocals. But some of the attention has also fallen onto the Lush members, who have been revealed to have previously been vocal trainers and choruses for a variety of singers. In particular Lush’s Jamie was revealed to have been actress Park Se Young’s vocal coach in the past. Another interesting point is that Park Se Young, previously seen in dramas such as “School 2013,” “Love Rain,” “Faith” and “The Equator Man,” is currently the MC of Music Bank, which happens to be the show where Lush made its debut.

20130727_0357301215481_0New Group Lush (Mini, Jamie, Sara)

Jamie revealed,”[I] Felt even happier because I got to stand on a stage that was being run by my pupil” and, “I would like to show that we are both working hard on stage, as MC and singer.” Jamie, who attended Seoul Arts University’s Applied Music Course, was also the vocal trainer for Park Jung Hyun, famous for appearing on Mnet’s Superstar K with actress Park Shin Hye. Jamie also worked with singers like Lee Seung Hwan, Kim Yeon Woo and Park Jin Young as their background vocals.

You can listen to Lush’s “Miserable” for yourselves below.