What Do Haha And Sung Yuri Have in Common?

At first sight you would think Haha and Sung Yuri wouldn’t have a lot in common and you would be mostly correct. You could argue that they both are/were singers but there is something else that the pair has in common that is much easier to justify. So what do Haha and Sung Yuri have in common? Well it’s very simple.


First off let’s begin with why this topic has come up in the first place. Sung Yuri has recently posted two photos of herself on her Me2Day along with the following message “High~ ^^ These are photos from the small town of Tübingen of Germany, where I was born, and Salzburg.” Doing a bit of research showed that Sung Yuri was actually born in Tübingen, Germany where her father was studying as a pastor and her mother as a nurse.


So how does Haha fit into this? Well as some of his fans may know, Haha was also born in Germany, Stuttgart to be precise. Haha has mentioned this fact on several occasions before and has even mentioned previously that his birth was mentioned in the local newspapers because of his extraordinary birth weight of 4.9kg (10lb 13oz!!) and how he was an Asian giant. Sung Yuri and Haha also both left Germany fairly early, with Sung Yuri returning to Korea when she was 4 years old and Haha also returned before he started school.

So there you go, some of our greatest stars were born in the lovely country of Germany.