Lee Hyori Asks Reporters to Stop Interviewing Lee Sang Soon’s Parents

Lee Hyori has recently expressed her sorry heart toward Lee Sang Soon‘s parents.

On August 4, Lee Hyori tweeted, “I just received a long text from Lee Sang Soon’s mother.”

She continued, “Reporters and broadcasters are going to her and waiting for hours until she gives them an interview. She’s too nice so she can’t just ignore them but she feels that saying this and that will be harmful for us. So she told me she wants to sell her store and move to a quieter place.”

Last month, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon’s marriage plans were made public through the media. This quickly escaladed into one of the industry’s most hottest topics, which has led to an overdrive of attention for the couple as well as their families.

Lee Hyori added, “My heart is so heavy. I’m sincerely asking you, please stop.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon will be tying the knot in September after dating for three years in a small and intimate, private ceremony.