Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung to Hold Private Wedding with 900 Guests

Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung will be throwing a private wedding with around 900 guests on August 10.

On August 5, BH Entertainment revealed that there will be no press at the wedding.

Around 900 guests have been invited, which is not a large amount, considering both actors large and worldwide networks. For instance, comedian Park Kyung Lim‘s wedding had around 5,000 guests. Top stars usually have around 2,000 wedding guests.

Both Lee Byung Hyun and Lee Min Jung’s reps commented, “The couple reserved around 900 seats to create the best environment for the guests,” and “They are putting a lot of effort into this once-in-a-lifetime wedding.”

Meanwhile, the couple will be holding a press conference as well as a photo op before the wedding on August 10.